Google pay’s new feature that helps to “Split the Bills”

google pay

The digital payments decision by Modi entirely changed the way people spent money in the last few years. In India, People made Billions of transactions with Trillions of amount. In 2021 only Google pay made 129.5 Crore UPI transactions with 2.5 Lakh crore value.  

Many people are aware of Google split tabs but now google has introduced Split Bills feature in November at the India 2021 event of Google. This new feature allows people to split the bill and pay quickly.  The payment option is so easy that a user can pay with a few clicks. You just need to tap on the Split expense feature then enter the amount and other members in the group will immediately get a request option to pay.  

To use this Split feature, make sure your app is updated to the latest version or not. Have a quick look at how you can use the new bill splitting feature.  

Step 1: Open Google pay on your mobile and click on the “New Payment” button.  

Step 2: Then the app will redirect to a new page which contains a search button on the top click on “New Group” at the bottom where you can enter the name of your friends and click “Next Button”   

Step 3: Enter the group name, then press “Create”, After creating the group click on the “Split an Expense” button type the entire amount to be paid, and tap the “Next” button.  

Step 4: Google pay will automatically display the split amount that each member needs to pay. Upon next click the “Send Request” button. Under the send request button, you can mention the purpose for what the amount is spent. Later your friends will receive a request for payment and after your friends pay their split amount you will get notified.