‘Link in Bio’ service Linktree launched its new mobile app for their users


In recent years, link in bio services, which normally allow users to create a basic page with a list of all the links they wish to share with the world, has grown in popularity among artists.    

Social networks such as Instagram and TikTok only allow you to put one link in your profile, but the link in bio services such as Linktree allows you to use that one link to point to multiple locations on the internet. 

Linktree, a popular “link in bio” service, released a mobile app for iOS and Android users on 11th July 2022. Previously, users had to log into Linktree via a browser on a laptop or phone to manage their profile, but now the mobile app is available in the Google play store and Apple store for users to use seamlessly.    

According to a Linktree press release, The “majority” of Linktree’s have more than 25 million customers’ signups and logins, happen on a mobile device, thus this new app might be a well-liked substitute for producers.   

Benefits of Downloading Linktree app for users:   

  1. The App features help users to share the links easily and allow them to integrate products, songs, videos, profiles, podcasts, etc.   
  2. With one click users can refer their traffic to navigate to their social accounts.   
  3. Linktree creators can design their linktree page with themes, colors, buttons, style, font, and colors.   
  4. Discover insights and extensive information about audience, including what they click on, where they come from, and much more.   
  5. Users can even monetize and earn money by selling products and services, donations, etc.   

In March, the company received a $110 million all-equity round, raising its valuation to a stunning $1.3 billion. Linktree says it has been focusing on bringing new revenue streams and delivering additional value for creators and businesses since the fundraising. According to the corporation, it has 1.2 billion unique visitors per month.