EV Plugs – India’s first aggregator app, details and its features


Electric vehicles are considered to be the safest choice to fight against highly polluting chemicals that are found in petrol and diesel. In India, e-vehicles are embracing the movement with home-grown companies such as Ola.

The most important component for Electric vehicles is charging. It needs charging stations, route maps, much more for EV users to have their Electric vehicles run.

Here is a Delhi-based startup called EV Plugs that helps EV users to find their EV charging stations and also make access to use a lot of features.

EV Plugs is India’s First Aggregator App that helps EV users to find their electric vehicle charging points near them.

People behind the start

EV plugs startup founded in 2021 by Manish Narang, Kapil Narang, and Ashwani Arora. The app currently has 1000+ listings located in 60 Indian cities covering EV charging stations from brands like EESL, Tata Power, Statiq, Magenta, Ather, and many more.

The EV Plugs is a free app available on both Android and iOS platforms. The web version can be accessed via here.

Features of the App

  • India’s first aggregator app and has the largest network of EV charging points.
  • It helps users to choose and find their e-vehicle and EV charging points.
  • Navigate to the selected EV charging station location from the current location with a simple click of the button.
  • The EV station can be accessed with Map view and List view.
  • Helps users to save their favorite EV stations that they use frequently.
  • With EV route planners users can find all the EV stations along a road trip route.
  • It has Smart filters that let users see only the stations compatible with their vehicle. Users can use the filters such as (filter by distance, etc).

How to use

  • Install the app 
  • Sign up into the app and select your preferences.
  • Choose the vehicle that you want to charge.
  • EV plugs app find the relevant stations for you.
  • And charging station with detailed information is displayed.

The EV plugs app is a great initiative for EV users to save their time and find the best EV stations near them. A lot of features are being released in the coming future which will help the users to keep the most of their EV charging made easy.