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NOVEL BUSINESS PARK, 57, Salarpuria Triton, 13th Cross, Anepalya, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560047

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Nubewell Tri-O-Core Architecture provides Cloud Class Industries First of its kind 10Gbps WAN Optimization with 4 Bypass 10G Segments, 60Gbps Hardware Compression Engine, low latency Packet Processing with 80Gbps Throughput and Industry-leading Ipoque DPI Engine that will classify/monitor/shape or block all well-known Apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, SCADA, Mqtt, Modbus, etc.

The innovative hardware architecture provides Service Providers and Enterprises 15Gbps SSL Full Proxy solutions to gain complete visibility of SSL, prevents attacks like Ransomware and with Data Leak prevention.

Nubewell’s SSL Decryptor / Encryptor is one of the highest throughput SSL Visibility Appliance in the Market and First of its kind from India.

Nubewell SSL Interception and Content Filtering solutions offer Social Media Monitoring or Regulating for ISPs, Industrial Cyber Security Firewall Solutions for Oil and Gas Sectors and Next-Generation Firewall Solutions for Service Providers and Enterprises.

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