Startup that helps you to buy a pizza by selling your waste

Many people buy pizza via shop or through online orders but if you are in Ahmedabad, you can buy a pizza by selling waste. Yes, there is indeed a Cleantech Start-up called Innovative Green Technologies launched by Hardik Shah a resident of Ahmedabad in 2017. Hardik Shah was an instrumentation control engineer working in the IT space for years and decided to become Entrepreneur. Now, this Start-up had 80+ different vendors with 5000+ active subscribers currently.

The team developed an app available on the Play store. This app connects zero-waste product manufacturers, recyclers, product delivery partners, sellers, artisans, Garbage collection partners, consumers, and manufacturing brands with each other.

Not only pizzas they offer users to buy decorative products, skincare products, and essentials of the kitchen, bathroom, tableware after selling waste. It’s like they brought the old age Barter system into existence. Here customers can leverage their waste to buy recycled products. For Example, T-shirts, and caps. T-shirts are made of 12 x 500 ml PET bottles a recycling process converts waste PET bottles into polyester yarns. These yarns are processed to manufacture a unit to make a T-shirt. Caps made out of 4 x 500 ml PET bottles. It reduces plastic waste from our planet. In fact, by selling the waste you can bring down your actual cost of living.

The Reason Behind the start

Every Idea has a reason before its origin. Here it took place when Hardik Shah visited Japan in 2011 for a business trip. There he found interesting things about people approaching for managing waste. This makes him think more and started his research for an environmental solution and thus created an app. He says that his Ultimate Goal is “In creating this Clean Tech Company to make environmental conservation a priority”.

The subscribers can build their wallets by selling waste and can choose to buy whatever they need later. Subscribers can donate an amount in their wallet towards any corporate social responsibility activity that this start-up has tied with.

Recycle Green, a subsidiary of Innovative Green Technologies (IGT) collectively helped in saving 147.10 Trees, 37,834.07 kg’s of carbon emission, 25,96,370 Litres of water pollution, and 39,333.58 sq mts of land pollution. In brief, the company has managed to divert 100+ Tonnes of waste from ending up in landfills.

Subhsri, a resident of Ahmedabad and a subscriber of this app along with a group of friends went on the door-to-door campaign by explaining to people the need of segregating waste and diverting it to recycling units rather than going into landfills. Subhsri and friends resulted in more than 500 kg of waste being diverted from landfills. Until now, this startup had been taking pick-up service around Ahmedabad and was planning to expand to other cities soon and also raise two rounds of funding from early investors.