Pepinoko – Makes Easy to start New Business

Prathmesh Hiremath with the dreams of being an entrepreneur started to work in multiple fields with passion. To help his family’s financial situation, he began a Xerox center near his college at the age of 17. His love of work and innovative ideas for new prospects made him not only a young but also a successful entrepreneur. Out of his many start-ups, “Pepinoko” was his successful startup.

He came across many failures but his focused approach on customer ideology and in-depth understanding of market needs lead to massive success in recent years and his cleverness and ideology towards the market have given him a huge base of customers.

Pepinoko is a digital media agency, deals with Social media ads, Websites, App development, and much more for early age startups and businesses. Hiremath started this startup with a capital of 1 Lakh and now generating a revenue of over 10-12 Lakh rupees annually.

Pepinoko specializes in offering marketing for new Startups & businesses. Apart from these they offer more to customers and are listed below
– Digital Marketing & SEO Agency
– Website & server Development
– Mobile Applications
– E-commerce Business solution
– UI/UX design
– Graphic Design

Pepinoko had an expert team with 20+ members and 250 services leading by Founder Prathmesh Hiremath, Developers – Javed Khan (Software developer), Yash Tomar (Mobile app developer).

How Pepinoko helps?

If you are starting a business or a startup, you need promotions to go into users’ minds. Pepinoko helps to advertise and promote brands on Social media platforms. They provide Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SMO).

To make a website or an app for your needs, Pepinoko helps you to create professional websites, web applications, e-commerce business solutions. They provide

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Custom and Dynamic Web Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • SEO Friendly websites
  • Support and Service

For any startup, Logo is very much important because it grabs the first impressions from customers. Pepinoko has experts to make creative logo designs. They also provide

  • Poster Designs
  • App Design
  • E-Books
  • Business cards
  • Icons
  • Social Ads Design
  • Magazine Design
  • T-shirt Design

“Your brand should generate meaning, establish context, and be a real expression of your passion, beliefs, and aspirations,”

said Hiremath on the Pepinoko website.

From a Xerox center to an Entrepreneur position his journey was inspirational.