MyEasyStore – Helps SMB owners to create their online stores easily


MyEasyStore is a platform that helps business owners to create their personalized online stores within minutes and sell online.

Their mission is to provide simple and easy access to ecommerce businesses so that clients can directly sell to their customers and keep their 100% profits to themselves.

Reason Behind the start

Founders Hirdyesh Mordani and Sanju Bhambhani are childhood friends who started MyEasyStore. They got this idea when Hirdyesh has started a cloud chicken business and due to the lockdown in March, he closed his business and started taking orders from his home.

He got a lot of DMs regarding the menu, place of order, price, and much more things. He reached his childhood friend Sanju Bhambhani to make a microsite so that he can post the FAQs that people have asked. This solved the problem for him.

Hirdyesh realized that other small business owners must be facing the same problem as him. It didn’t take him long to contact Sanju again about creating a problem-solving tool for other SMBs. 

In 2020, April they have launched the platform called MyEasyStore an ecommerce platform in Mumbai. With inbuilt features and tools, it is made easy for SMB owners to create their online store within minutes.

The startup has 5 employees at present.

Inbuilt Features and Tools

MyEasyStore helps business owners to create their online store by their hands without any interference from developers and aggregators. The clients can sell their products directly to the customers and Keep 100% profits to themselves; don’t have to pay any commissions.

Some of the inbuilt Features and Tools  

  • Manage Catalogue: Create a digital catalogue, add products and manage their products.
  • Orders history: Keep track of their orders, notifications, and reports.
  • Accept online payments: They are partnered with Razorpay and cash-free payment gateways which help business owners to accept payments via debit/credit card, UPI, wallet, etc.
  • Delivery: Clients can ship their products directly from their online store using delivery partners. Charges will be calculated based on the location, distance, etc.
  • Whatsapp orders: It offers SMB owners to share their products and accept orders from Whatsapp easily. 
  • Store layouts and Categories: Owners can add different categories and can also select a layout for their store from different layout options.
  • Others: It offers custom domain, store analytics, QR code, order invoices, social media linkage, etc.

Pricing and plans

MyEasyStore offers three basic plans for their customers. 

  • Free plan: It is a starter kit that offers only 50 products to add. 
  • Basic plan (399rs/month): It offers owners to add up to 250 products and also provides in-store promotions, SEO, Online payment, about us page, etc.
  • Premium plan (699rs/month): It is the complete package that provides access to all inbuilt features and tools. That includes custom domain, unlimited products, delivery integration, bulk upload feature, etc.

MyEasyStore has over 1,000 entrepreneurs on its site, with the majority of them being home bakers, home cooks, grocery stores, kiranas, and supermarkets.

How it works

  • Choose the plan -> Enter Store Details -> Pick a username (store URL) -> Pay the amount and launch your online web store.
  • Now create a product catalog with categories, price details, descriptions, etc.
  • Share your online store website link to your social media profiles and Receive orders.
  • Pick your delivery partner from multiple delivery partners and ship your products directly from the store.