AdOnMo – India’s Largest Innovative advertising solutions

AdOnMo Logo

In a company, Building a product is awesome but if the product doesn’t reach too many then the awesome product also will be boresome. So to reach the product to many, the specialized marketing team has its strategies but if the marketing team turns out into a company then “AdOnMo” will be the face of it.

People cannot reach to vast audience offline even with good marketing strategies but AdOnMo an AdTech Company targeted people via personal devices and web applications through the Digital mode of advertising because every person holds a smartphone, where the information can reach every nook and corner place of the world. Adonmo gets to people via mobile devices to Cloud Connected Digital Screens Advertising with the help of technology.

Products & Achievements

Adonmo has its Headquarters in Asia-Pacific regions and has its existence around 13 cities with 2880+ gated communities having 21.7k screens in 830k+ households with 3.7M+ Audience Daily. Adonmo primarily focuses on outdoor advertising solutions by displaying advertisements on high-quality LED screens (Bill Boards).

To bring down the gap between the Online and Offline Advertising worlds in the Outdoor Ad industry they had their relevant advertisements mounted on top of cabs to reach a larger audience. Adonmo tracks its ads in real-time with the help of hyper-local intelligence technology to track its viewers and advertisements. The current product has updates from its first product to make user friendly.

Adonmo won awards for being the “Best Startup by the Department of Science and Technology,” “Best Innovator at Global Entrepreneurship Summit,” and inclusion in the “Forbes Under 30 Asia” list. AdOnMo applied for six additional patents on top of its already-patentable technology.

Currently, the company offers technology and devices to cab drivers as part of a partnership. AdOnMo provides an additional income to cab drivers by calculating the distance and how long the cab drives with the device mounted. To display advertisements on billboards, They charge the client based on the Ad displayed per minute.

Turnover & Investments

Sandeep Bomireddi and Sravanth Gajula founded AdOnMo on July 12, 2016, and it was funded by ten investors for a total of 18.3 million dollars.

Later, in 6 months, the team created a prototype and began the first test ride with five cabs in April 2017. Following the successful completion of their test drive, Adonmo did their initial launch with 40 cabs in the Hyderabad location and expanded to 100 cabs by the end of the year 2017 with the goal of reaching to hit 1000 cabs by mid-2018.

AdOnMo intends to expand its routes to other cities in North Markets over the next two years.

In 2019, Adonmo’s turnover was 1.55 crore, which increased to 2.54 crore in FY2020 and 3.27 crore in FY2021. Zomato, a food delivery app, purchased a 19.48 percent stake (worth 112.2 crores) in Adonmo in order to capitalise on its new digital channels for customer acquisition.