Hubbler: No-code platform for startups and organisations


Hubbler is a no-code platform that helps organizations, businesses to create their mobile applications under any domain within hours.

It is a Bangalore-based company founded in the year 2016, which helps to make the digital transformation of enterprises with simple and user-friendly automation solutions.

Behind the start

Founded by Vinay Agrrawal, after exiting from his first startup, Unicel. He created a platform that can help businesses & enterprises to digitize any business process overnight.

The use of a no-code platform will help enterprises to create their business apps with cheap, more reliable, and faster than any other tech resources.

With the help of Hubbler, the business can create applications like Lease Management, Pre or Post-paid building system, HRMS, Field force management, etc.

Due to the pandemic, the demand for a no-code platform has increased its growth in India. The platform has hundreds of business customers who successfully converted their business to mobile or web applications within less time.

Hubbler provides a seamless, code-free, plug-and-play app development experience to the digital workforce.

Features of Hubbler

It is a SaaS-based platform that makes it simple for businesses to manage, digitize, automate, and optimize their business processes with simple, user-friendly automation solutions.

The products features are

1. Super APP Concept: The platform is designed to reduce the number of applications that a business user needs to interact with.

2. Connect and Engage: Hubbler helps to set and track organizational goals, as well as reward and celebrate success.

3. Device Agnostic: It can deliver apps natively to android, iOS, and the Web.

4. Platform beyond workflows: Rather than just capturing workflows, it also focuses on accelerating business transformation strategies.

5. 40+ Intelligent Hubbles: Hubbler is a configurable microservice-based component that helps build truly vertical/function agnostic applications and change them on the fly.

Alternatively, they provide fully customizable, ready-to-use apps. They are

  • Attendance/ Leave
  • Survey/Feedback
  • Social
  • Referral Program
  • Learning
  • Customer Management
  • Service Ticketing
  • Order Management
  • Billing
  • Asset Management

No code is required to develop the things. The platform provides easy integrations of ERPs, Payment gateways, etc.