Google Gemini AI: All You Need to Know

Gemini AI

Google has released Gemini, a powerful new artificial intelligence model that can understand photos, movies, and sounds in addition to text. Gemini AI is a multimodal model that may be used to complete challenging problems in math, physics, and other subjects. It can also be used to understand and produce high-quality code in a variety of programming languages. 

It will eventually be incorporated with other Google services and is now accessible through integrations with Google Bard and the Google Pixel 8.

Who made Gemini AI?

Google and Alphabet, the firm that owns Google, developed Gemini, which was introduced as the most sophisticated AI model the business has ever produced. Gemini was developed with major assistance from Google DeepMind as well.  

Are there different versions of Gemini AI?

Gemini, according to Google, is a flexible model that can run on anything, from Google’s data centers to phones. To make this possible, Gemini is coming out in three sizes: Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Ultra.

How can you access Gemini AI?

Gemini can now be found on Google devices in two sizes: Nano and Pro. These sizes are found on the Pixel 8 phone and the Bard chatbot, respectively. Google has plans to add Gemini to Search, Ads, Chrome, and other services over time.

How to use Google Gemini in Bard? 

To use Google Gemini in Bard is as follows

  1. Go to the Bard’s webpage.
  2. Use your unique Google account to log in.
  3. After logging in, you can ask Bard anything or say anything to him to make use of the advanced features of Gemini Pro within the Bard chatbot.

How to use Google Gemini on Pixel 8 Pro?

With the Pixel 8 Pro, you won’t require an internet connection to use Gemini. The gadget is compatible with Gemini Nano, a stripped-down offline version of Gemini. It has enhanced two features on the Pixel 8 Pro: Smart Reply and Recorder.

To use Smart Reply:

  • Turn on AICore by enabling it in the Settings’ Developer Options. Navigate to Developer Options > AiCore Settings > Enable Aicore Persistent from the Settings menu.
  • Start a discussion on WhatsApp.

To use Gemini’s summarizing features in the Recorder application:

  • Launch the Recorder application.
  • Get the recording going.
  • To view a summary of the audio recording created by Gemini Nano, tap the summary button.

What makes Gemini different from other AI models, such as GPT-4?

It looks like Google’s new Gemini model is one of the biggest and smartest AI models we’ve seen so far, but we won’t know for sure until the Ultra model comes out.

Gemini is different from other popular models used by AI chatbots right now because it is truly multimodal without the need for plugins or integrations. Other models, like GPT-4, depend on these to be truly multimodal. 

Gemini can easily do multimodal tasks naturally, unlike GPT-4, which is mostly text-based. GPT-4 is great at language-related jobs like writing content and analyzing complex text. However, it uses OpenAI’s plugins to analyze images and connect to the internet, and it uses DALL-E 3 and Whisper to make images and process audio.


Gemini AI is a big step forward in the history of artificial intelligence. Its power to change many areas of life and give people more freedom is obvious.